Bumble is a networking platform that allows women to make the first move. When Bumble first started, their internal tagline was, “The ball is in her court.” It’s a message they hoped one day would be inspiring enough that Serena Williams would want to be in one of their ads.

Fast forward to 2019, and not only is Serena Williams starring in their ad, but it’s for the Big Game. And it’s effective because Serena embodies their brand’s purpose. She paved her own way in her career and her life. By having Serena connect her story to Bumble’s brand purpose, Bumble becomes an even more Believable Brand.

On a night when random celebrities appear for random brands, this one worked perfectly. It’s proof that when a company has a clear purpose from the start, they can make more of an impact, stand out from the crowd and reach their goals—however big those goals might be.